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If it ain't broke.... *Spoilers*

I was so dissapointed in this remake. The Bette Davis version is a three hankie special. When she suddenly realises it's not the sky, but her eyes that are going dark, and she hides this from her husband, sends her friend away and faces death alone with peace and dignity.... tears every time.

So why did they rewrite this (otherwise acceptable) version with her desperatley trying to call her husband, begging him to come and comfort her at the end? Where's the Victory in that?

And why all the blurred shots showing what her eyes are seeing? Elizabeth Montgomery was a great actress - she could portray this fact, like Davis did, without resorting to trick photography.

Why did they take all the emotional impact out of a great ending? It's like Rhett Butler changing his mind and staying!


I totally agree!!


Differing opinion here. I enjoyed the 1976 remake - true, most remakes don't measure up to the original...however, all in all, this remake was pretty good...and Elizabeth Montgomery was excellent (as well as beautiful) in this movie.


Whether one hides the fact that they are dying from a loved one is a personal choice. In the Bette Davis movie, the character chose to do this. Also, consider the circumstances of why she did so-her husband was on his way to a meeting to talk about his research findings. She did not want him to stay home, knowing how important it was for him to go. In the 1976 remake, the character did not choose to. Neither made a wrong choice and each person reacts differently to such a situation.

The Dark Victory is not talking about how Bette's character hid her impending death from her husband, but how she bravely faced death by choosing to live a happy life, even though she knew it would be cut short. It is the same with the character Elizabeth Montgomery played. And I do not see how you can describe her actions as desperately trying to call her husband. She did not do that. All she did was ask her secretary to call and then she tried calling him and calmly asked him to come home. She was simply afraid to die alone. There is no shame in that. Her "dark victory" is also that she faced her death with trying to live happily.

The blurred shots are for the benefit of the viewer. It helps them to more easily put themselves in her place, seeing as she might see things so that they might feel what she might feel.

Finally, I disagree with you on your comment regarding the lack of emotional impact at the ending. It was full of emotion. Her looking at him, even though through blurred vision and her smiling was very brave of her and told me that she was going to help him not be so sad because of her dying very soon. They would face it together, keeping each other strong.

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