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Any Other 'Mad Trapper' Movies??

OK so this and DEATH HUNT -- Are there any other films that tell the story of "Albert Johnson"? I think this one might have actually gotten more individual things right than DEATH HUNT but there's still a lot more to the story to be told than even both of them put together.

Truly laugh out loud moment during that first shootout at the cabin -- what the heck were these people smoking when they wrote this movie??


I saw this in the theatre when I was about 10. A few years later, I read a book about the Mad Trapper of Rat River and it made me angry how much the story had been twisted for the film. Same for the other version of the story, "death Hunt".

Johnson was obviously mentally unhinged and was a criminal and murderer. The real life details of the story are so interesting that they require no embellishment at all. It would be nice if someone could just make an honest attempt at telling a true story...