Ava Gardner

Just watching it now..Ava was filmed quite badly in soft focus/filters. The film is so terrible that it's compulsive viewing!!!


I agree.

As I was growing up I remember hearing about "what a great thriller" this film was, and what a "great cast" it had. Well, the cast was full of stars, but this was an absolute turkey of a film that was so full of laughably bad plot holes it was practically a comedy.

"We can't stop the train...1000 infected peaople will scatter"

Really? Where were they going to go? The train was in the middle of the countryside--why would they go anywhere at all?


"Stick with me baby, and you'll be fartin' thru silk!"


Couldn't help wearing out the tape of this growing up.

You're absolutely right about Gardner. I never "got" her sex appeal, and this movie makes that glaringly evident. From the first time and the first moment I saw this, she looked like an old hag.

A hag desperately trying to look young and sexy, but still a hag nonetheless.

And the "direction" to make her look younger would have made Norma Desmond envious. Hell, since Gloria Swanson was very much alive at the time of this train wreck's release, she probably would have laughed her silent star's behind off through every single second Gardner was on-screen.

Horribly plotted and acted movie which nevertheless is compulsively watchable due to the European location cinematography and intense Jerry Goldsmith score. Still makes me wish I had grown up with better movies, though. :)


Ava Gardner was an absolute goddess when she was young.

By this point in her lifetime of smoking & drinking & partying all over the world like it was 1999, at age 54 her looks suffered the consequences. How cruel to bash this woman who worked hard on many movies over the years. Wonder what most of you will look like when you hit 50.

Ava Gardner a hag? Never. Ever.


Frank Sinatra sucked the beauty out of her. She was quite sexy and gorgeous when she was younger!

"Getting old is not for sissies."
Bette Davis


Ava is hot as hell in this.


F I V E years later, yes she is.


"I'm only in it for the money" she is reported to have said.

- - -

...and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped.


She would look better if Sophia Loren weren't continually showing up.