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Yes I know there are a million threads here about it but I think my situation is quiet different. I just purchased the DVD version of this film and I cite: "Distributed by Hollywood Classics Ltd. On behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Inc. and made available in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourgh exclusively through Lumiere. (I Live in Holland)

Now I already had a downloaded bootleg copy of this film with a runtime of 148min and AR of 16:9. I wanted a better copy so I got this which is 147mins and 4:3 quality wise it's pretty much the same. I was wondering as to why the runtime is 1min shorter. This is not the first time I have had this issue with a Lumiere film release. I had the same situation with a Bergman boxset which contains:

Skammen: 99min (IMDB: 103min)
The Passion of Anna: 96min (IMDB: 101min)
The Serpent's Egg: 114min (IMDB: 120min)

At first I thought it could be due to differences in FPS but it doesn't make sense since all those films are European. Should I just avoid anything released through Lumiere?

Also on another note the back of my DVD states that this is the first English Fellini film??? And Nino Rota's last film score??? (yet again IMDB seems to state differently)


The runtime on the bluray version is 154m.

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