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An overall good film let down slightly by some silly sex scenes

I somewhat enjoyed this film. Donald Sutherland was great as Casanova, the film has several strong images and scenes, and Nino Rota's score is beautiful. However I found the majority of the sex scenes to be quite absurd, especially *how many times can you have sex in an hour* competition and the scene where he has sex with the German girl who causes an "earthquake". They're executed in such a silly comedic way and I found them to be a bit cringe-worthy.

I said majority, but not all though. One of my favourite scenes happens to actually be a sex scene and that's where he has sex with that weird mechanised doll thing, which was both beautiful and creepy.

7/10 overall, which equals "good" for me, but nowhere near one of Fellini's best efforts.

"Your sacrifice has completed my sanctuary of 1000 testicles."


I think, and I say this with only a little background knowledge, that the unsexiness of the sex scenes was purely intentional. Casanova, his life, his relationships (except that one chick) were all impersonal and inauthentic. The mechanical sex sort of fits well with the robotic sexbot. The film makes more sense the more you dwell on it, like how all the grotesque hedonistic partygoers in the film reflect their vapid lives empty souls. I assume from the creepy-ass ending this was supposed to be a tragic-comedy, but it was sort of hard to tell until the end.