Garden death scene

I have very clear recall of a Beauty and the Beast scene in which beast is dying in his rose garden and Beauty returns to him.It was in colour, and filmed with a rotating panning shot of Beauty cradling Beast's head in her lap.I have never forgotten this image,and having recently seen Cocteau's film, I begain to wonder what version this was I saw as a child. However, I seem to recall seeing it on PBS in the afternoon, but I could be mistaken.I am assuming this is the version I saw, the 1976 George C. Scott version, I must have been five or six when I saw it so I am very hazy on it. Can anyone confirm what the death scene was like. I also do not recall Beast becoming a man, like in Cocteau's version.



I loved the George C Scott & Trish Van Devere version, and saw it when I was a kid. I too am pretty hazy on the particulars, but I do remember that Beast did turn into a man. The reason I remember is because I was strangely saddened when it happened. I did not know the story back then since it was many years before the Disney cartoon version.

I was remember it recently, after viewing a vastly inferior version last night called just "Beauty" on Lifetime.

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