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Why did Vicent 'washout' in bootcamp?...

The washout rate in Marine bootcamp during wartime is small as the corps needs "warm bodies." I went through Marine bootcamp in 1967 and out of around 75 guys only three were discharged. Those that were discharged were cut out in the first weeks and seemed to have emotional issues that the recruiter didn't catch or covered up. We had one guy who had some type of cognitive problem where the simpliest order could not be handled by him. He was released around training day three.

Was Vincent discharged during of after bootcamp? I have seen this movie in over twenty years. (I recommend Dogfight and Stateside for anyone who enjoys a story with young Marines in it.)


I'm a bit puzzled by this one as well.

He mentions he was in week 5 of boot camp, so it might have been something emotional.

He seems like a gentle kinda kid, but whip smart to have memorized all the patches and the decorations.

Maybe he had some kind of learning disorder...couldn't tell right from left or something.


If I remember correctly, he eventually joins the army and returns to the town as a real veteran. When I was a kid I just assumed it was a slight on the Army's standards but as I got older I began to wonder if the town's people brought out something in him that made him a stronger person. Whatever the case may be, this film is to enjoyable to not be shown. I remember thinking when that they might show the film after The Majestic came out but of course the answer is no.


I don't think they ever said exactly other than the scene where his DI is digging him for being too high strung

I don't think it matters exactly they were the fuch up rejects who left bootcamp as the worst possible thing - civilians


...Because it was in the script!