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Washout Marine clothes was a pink suit in the 60s

A long time ago I came across an autobiography by a U.S. judge. In the book he related how rebellious he had been as a young man.

He offers a lengthy account of his time in U.S. Marines basic training. He remained so obstinately rebellious to military discipline-even deserting boot camp once, unsuccessfully-that the Marines finally gave up and gave him the discharge he wanted. I don't remember what kind of discharge it was. But the Marines gave him a pink suit, jacket, pants, white shirt, no tie, to wear on his exit from boot camp. I think it was the East Coast boot camp. He had no other civilian clothes. I don't remember if it was standard procedure, but I assume it was. He went on to recount that when he entered town after leaving the Marine base, some people knew what the pink suit stood for. He entered a military surplus store and bought a Marine uniform to wear home. He didn't say so in his book but it was obvious he had no intention of returning home across the U.S. dressed in a pink suit. The Marine uniform was slightly too tight but it was good enough and he went home it.

In retrospect I wonder why he didn't find a place to buy used civilian clothes.