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RIP: Actress Claude Gensac dies at 89

Actress Claude Gensac, who was ten times the wife of Louis de Funès at the cinema and who shot more than a hundred films, died at 89 in his sleep on Monday night to Tuesday, announced His son to AFP. She recently appeared in "Elle s'en va" by Emmanuelle Bercot (2013), with Catherine Deneuve, "Lulu femme nue" by Solveig Anspach (2013), and "Baden Baden" by Rachel Lang In 2016.

But Claude Gensac was best known for giving a reply to Louis de Funès in the "Gendarmes" series. Marshal Ludovic Cruchot apostrophes him in the films of a "my doe" which stuck to his skin. She published an autobiography entitled "Ma biche ... c'est vite dit!", In 2005.

"The eternal 'Ma biche', married to the screen of a Louis de Funès forever regretted is also the actress of more than a hundred films for the big and the small screen, as well as a great actress On the stage, "said the former Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand making her an officer of the Arts and Letters in 2012.

"Louis de Funès killed me", observed the actress in 2000 in an interview about the crossing of the desert that had followed the death of his partner in 1983.

Claude Gensac managed to rebound at the theater, notably under the direction of Pierre Dux and Raymond Aquaviva. It even underwent a professional revival in the late 2000s, with the series "Under the Sun" in 2005, and then the series "House Scenes" from 2012 onwards.