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Funniest "Wayne and Wanda" Failure

Wayne and Wanda....the couple who during the first season, tried to perform various romantic songs only to not even make it through the first verse due to some sort of hilarious screw up. Unfortunately for them, it was usually not their fault other than an episode or two, as usually their props or set would experience a malfunction of sort. In any rate, they were quick and funny segments, usually introduced by Sam the Eagle....who by the end of their run was just praying they would "get it right".

So what was your favorite or most memorable "failure" of Wayne and Wanda? Hands down for me is they attempting "It's Only a Paper Moon", only to have the backdrop moon on the set come crashing down on Wayne. It was quick, and to the point funny!


For me, it's when Wayne tried to do a solo of 'My Wild Irish Rose.' He's standing next to a rose almost bigger than himself, he starts singing, and he gets as far as the word 'Rose,' when the rose on-stage growls and starts mauling him.


Since you seem to be a Wayne and Wanda fan, maybe you can offer me an opinion on this:

The werewolf couple in 'Hotel Transylvania' are named Wayne and Wanda. Do you think that's a nod to The Muppet Show, or did the writers just like the alliterative potential of 'Wayne & Wanda Werewolf?'

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