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Saddest/scariest skits?

Sad - Time in a bottle . Henson played an old scientist trying to get his youth back while singing the Jim Croce folk song, only for his youth to disappear in the end . A song sung by two guys named Jim who died way too young :(

Scary - The plastic surgery machine that would rip your eyes and face off!

also - A Japanese Bunraku puppet scene where a young girl is tormented by ghosts before dying and coming back as a ghost herself. brrr! :O

Turned on - Raquel Welsh's Legs!


Scariest - Phantom of the Muppet Show. Zero Mostel's 'Figment of My Imagination'

Saddest - Danny Kaye episode. Where's stuck outside the theatre. That always made me sad because it seemed like such a major waste.


I have no idea what Danny Kaye episode you watched. Danny Kaye is one of my favorite performers, and I've seen the episode many times, and he is never "stuck outside the theatre". He dances "Cheek to Cheek" with Miss Piggy, sings "Inchworm" backstage with the Muppets, and even plays the Swedish Chef's uncle. There is one scene at the end of the episode where he momentarily steps outside to the alley where Statler and Waldorf are hiding out (because they misheard the name of the guest star and thought it was a tuned clam player), but he does not get "stuck" outside, nor was his talent wasted.

Episode summary on Muppet Wikia: