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What are your favourite Muppet show sketches?

Here are some of mine

Mahna absolute classic

Pigs in space with the star wars cast

Elton johns Crocodile Rock

Take a chance on me....featuring birds jumping on power lines

Cigarettes and Whiskey...with Peter sellers

John Denvers Grandmas's feather bed

The Hamlet one...with Christopher reeve

Send in the clowns with Judy Collins.....Breaks my heart every time

Rudolph Nureyev dancing with a huge ballet dancing pig

We have no bananas today.....featuring a choir of singing vegetables

Think of more later


Season 1

Mahna Mahna
Rowlf - You And I And George
Marvin Suggs and Muppahones - Lady Of Spain
Rita Moreno - Fever
Florence Henderson - Happy Together
Paul Williams - Sad Song
Kermit and Fozzie - Good Grief The Comedian's A Bear
Hugga Wugga/You Are My Sunshine
Vincent Price - You've Got A Friend

Season 2

Windmills Of Your Mind
Judy Collins - I Know An Old Lady That Swallowed A Fly
Sam The Eagle's speech on nudity
Kermit - Happy Feet
Elton John - Crocodile Rock
Kermit, Piggy, Scooter, and whatnot Muppet - Ukelele Lady
Julie Andrews - Lonely Goatherd
Rowlf and Fozzie - English Country Gardens
Kermit - It's Not Easy Being Green

Season 3

The Lullaby Of Broadway
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare and School's Out
Raquel Welch and Piggy - I'm a woman
Piggy and other pigs - Stayin Alive
Harry Belafonte - Day-O and Turn The World Around
Gonzo's Motorcycle Act
Leslie Uggams and Big Bird - Love Will Keep Us Together
Hawaiian War Chant
Prairie Dogs - Blue Skies
Gonzo hypnotizing himself to hold a 5000 pound weight

Season 4

Geri And The Atrics - Hound Dog
Kermit and others - Lime In A Coconut
Piggy and other pigs - I Get Around
Scooter - Six String Orchestra
Kermit and other frogs - Disco Frog
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Rowlf And Fozzie - I Got Rhythm

Season 5

The entire Brooke Shields episode
Debbie Harry - Call Me
Electric Mayhem - Rockin Robin
Paul Simon - Loves Me Like A Rock
Buddy Rich And Animal Drum Battle
In The Navy

Sick of threads "Megan Fox should play this!"


Johnny cash and miss piggy singing "Jackson"


Gonzo attempting to jump the bike into the balcony
Hugga Wugga
Buddy Rich vs. Animal Drum Battle
Judy Collins "Send in the Clowns"
Pig Vikings/In the Navy
Rowlf "The Cat Came Back"
Linda Ronstadt "Blue Bayou"
"Devil Went Down to GA"
Rowlf "What a Wonderful World"
Swedish Shef Making Spaghetti
Rowlf "Moonlight Sonata"
Muppet Labs Banana Sharpener
Every skit on the Gilda Radner episode!!!! (Every act got trashed due to the glue mishap in Muppet Labs!!)


Loved the News Flashes where something would happen to the Newsman. When it didn't, was disappointed.
Also loved Grasshopper and Ant and when Statler and Waldorf laugh at the screw up, Sam yells at them.
In the Navy.
Pigs in Space-Electric Toaster wires sketch.
Rowlf singing Up, Up and Away and the candelabra takes off like a rocket.