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Why would an adolescent American boy empathize so much with Reggie?

I was probably no more than 14 when I first saw The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

When I learned I could finally watch the third season via Netflix, I decided to watch the whole series again, to see if I would understand Reginald better now that I was the same age as him.

I immediately realized that I'd ALWAYS understood Reggie: his boredom, his self-loathing, his yearning, his desires, etc.

I loved him most in what may be the series most brilliant moment, his horrible trip to the safari park. I was closer in age to Reggie's grandchildren than Reggie, but I saw everything from his perspective.

I think Reginald is everyone who ever felt unhappy with their existence.

Does anyone else identify with Reggie like that?


Yes. In fact I'm living the reggie dream right now. 39, married with kids, bored at work, wondering what the point of it all is....


I saw it when I was a kid, but it wasn't till I saw an ep or 2 when I was middle aged tht I found myself realising how painfully true it all is... 11 minutes late, walkig down the same roads each day to the train.....


Funny, I was probably around the same age when I started to watch TRAFORP, and something about it clicked with me. It was playing on PBS around here and I caught it one night on British Comedy night and really got a kick out of it. Funny that I recognized Leonard Rossiter as the guy who played the Russian on 2001 which I was also crazy about, thought a bit earlier. I am not sure what I saw in it, and was looking for an online video that shows some of these episodes.