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What was the reason for Reggie's desire for Joan?

One of the things that struck me about the early episodes was Reggie's obsession with Joan. His wife seemed a really attractive, kind, loving woman (he could have done MUCH worse) and still desired him, because we saw in one episode that he failed to 'perform'.

I can imagine Reggie wanting an affair with his secretary if his wife was some ghastly hag, but she wasn't.

Was it just boredom and tedium with the whole 'niceness' of his life?

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Hugh is it? Are you a man? If so I am surprised you have to ask. there are millions of men the world over with wives prettier and nicer than Elizabeth, although she was in her way an absolute hottie, that have thrown them over in a moment or a few moments of madness. Most of course would regret it after a period of time but they would still do it. In the end Reggie couldn't cheat on Elizabeth, which was nice. But he was oh so tempted. I guess the saying "Never underestimate the stupidity of men" is always true.



He simply yearned for something… else...