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1980s American TV Pilot called R.I.P.

I may be one of the few humans on Earth that saw the American TV pilot for "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin." In the early 1980s I got tickets on the street in NY for a test screening of a CBS pilot for a show called "R.I.P" and was shocked to find out it was an American version of the British show. I had seen the original on PBS in the states and loved it and was the only one in the test audience that had (which the test marketers didn't seem to like).

Not surprisingly it was pretty poor even though it starred an actor I'd always liked, "Mr. Ed"'s Alan Young. As I remember it wasn't as bad as Bea Arthur's version of "Fawlty Towers" called "Amanda's." I'm sure "R.I.P" is a "lost" pilot and is not even listed on imdb as a show or in Alan Young's credits.

A box set of the original show should be released on DVD and the pilot would make an interesting extra.


There is an american version from the eighties. It was called "reggie" and stared "richard mulligan". It was amusing but know where near the standard of the original.