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PR: Bouquet Of Barbed Wire / Another Bouquet DVD

PR: Bouquet Of Barbed Wire / Another Bouquet DVD (Network)

Andrea Newman’s two provocative series explore the tangled sexual and emotional relationships of a middle-class family as it is torn apart by a father’s obsessive love for his own daughter.

Peter Manson and his wife, Cassie, appear to enjoy the perfect marriage. But their daughter Prue’s marriage to her American boyfriend, Gavin proves the catalyst to the family’s disintegration, as Peter’s jealous feelings for Prue reach a peak and Cassie, in search of emotional fulfi lment, throws herself into a series of affairs – including one with Gavin. After Prue’s death in childbirth, grief further tears the family apart, as Peter searches for closure and Gavin struggles to raise his daughter.

Bouquet of Barbed Wire and Another Bouquet are powerful studies in the fragility of family unity and the destructive consequences of forbidden desire. With spellbinding performances from Frank Finlay, Sheila Allen and Susan Penhaligon, both series were hugely popular with both the viewing public and critics. Even without the attention of the tabloid press – inevitable, given the risqué scenes and themes of incestuous desire – the series are among the most celebrated, and controversial, dramas in British TV history.