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Was loving this series until... (SPOILERS)

The whole thing fell apart for me when Pru, the pregnant daughter, is beaten by her husband badly enough for him to rush her to the hospital. No one at the hospital or otherwise expresses any thought of having him arrested even though he explicitly states to him that he did it. Then the next day (!) the mother is brought round from feeling angry about it to telling the husband that she understands because women like to provoke their men into beating them, and that there should be no problems in the future because now he knows how far he can take it and won't put her in the hospital again. Then the daughter is worried that the husband will be angry at her for provoking him to knock part of one of her teeth off and messing up her face and demands he get over feeling guilty about it and kiss her. Then the mother sleeps with the man who beat her daughter and put her in the hospital while the daughter is still in the hospital and yet the mother is supposed to be a sympathetic character.

I suppose I could be looking at this from a different era, but whatever the cause I lost my feeling of connection with the story at this point.


sounds like a pure mess

i am watching the remake now and thought i would look about this one...

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