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Did it end happily or not?

Superficially, it seemed as if this movie had a happy ending. Anna was married, and Kata was able to adopt a child. Yet in the final scene of her wedding, something Salyi said or did apparently had Anna a little upset, indicating that her marriage may turn out to be just another abusive relationship.

Likewise, Kata was able to adopt a child. However, the warnings she recieved against it through out the film are no less valid. I can her easily becoming a frustrated, smothering mother, especially as she ages and the child grows up. That did not promise a happy future for either of them.

So did this movie have a happy ending?


I don't think you can simply assume the ending is happy or not. The movie was, above all, about determination. She (the older woman) achieved what she was looking for, but obviously this is not the end of the story. It would seem false and silly to end the movie in the Hollywood style, i.e. "from now on everyone is happy". This is a movie about real hard life and there are no easy answers. I liked the ending as much as I liked the whole movie which I consider a masterpiece of Eastern European cinema.


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