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This Documentary is Self-Serving and basically staged.

This is a misleading and divisive "documentary" based on a slant sought and found. It is shaming to the documentarian. I would love to place the documentarian under the glare of light to examine his intent.

This is awfully bigoted footage and some of it was staged.


Knowing what we know now about the "fairness of the historians of the time" would an honest view of the time prove to be much different and with true racial profiling of those that received welfare assistance: both white and black.


I don't think I share your opinion. Perhaps if you gave some examples I could understand your point of view. However, I just watched this, and what I took away from it was primarily a sense of despair regarding the welfare system as a whole. Watching this documentary was excruciating.

In terms of bias, I think the documentary captured it, but I didn't feel like the movie *itself* was unfairly biased. It appeared as though every character (except maybe a few at the very top) were on the receiving end of some kind of bias and/or unfair emotional abuse.

I came away from this feeling badly for humanity in general. Neither race, gender nor age seemed to exempt anyone from misery in this documentary. But, as hard as it was to watch, it felt like a validly encapsulated story about welfare.