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Coming to German Blu-ray in February of 2016, with extras

The cult German Blu-ray label Subkultur has released a new Blu-ray transfer of SWITCHBLADE SISTERS. English audio is an option on the disc, but you may need a multi-standard deck to play it.

There are interviews with director Jack Hill and stars Robbie Lee and Joanne Nail, including a filmed conversation they shared back in the mid-1990's (which only appeared on a rare VHS videocassette released by Jack Hill and Johnny Legend).

There are trailer previews under both titles (SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, and THE JEZEBELS), as well as a making-of documentary.

UPDATE: The disc has now arrived, and it looks very good. I thought it might be locked for region B, but it played just fine on my US Sony Playstation 3 deck.