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Medfield College should have been subject to state audit!

One reviewer at IMDb refers to this as part 3 of the "Medfield
College Trilogy." Actually, it's 5 parts as Medfield was also the site of "The Absentminded Professor" and "Son of Flubber." WHY was Medfield always BROKE??? Flubber was developed there, as was the "weather gun" plus they had a human computer that won them 100 grand, they had an invisibility formula and finally a super strength formula. After conservatively estimating the value of these at $100 BILLION we STILL have to hear them whine about "no money". I say somebody musta STOLE it! I think it was DISNEY for charging MONEY for the last 3 films! At LEAST Walt coulda sprung for a NEW PLOT!!!



Yes, the dean should have been fired.