Wire Work in Stunts

The wire work in the stunts, especially at the end, was really obvious. I guess that's how Crouching Tiger would have looked without the CGI. That got me wondering, when did wires start being used for stunts in kung fu movies? Does anyone know the first movie?


Cant help ya, I remember they did a lot in The Big Boss (1971).



Hmm, I thought I heard or read somewhere, the first wire fu movie was from the late 60s, but of course now I can't find the name. Since Big Boss was released in 1971, it could have been filmed in the late 60s and just released later. So maybe that is the movie.

In Yahoo Answers, I asked "First Wire Work in Kung Fu Movies?", but I didn't get the answer I was looking for. The answer was still pretty interesting Someone responded:

because in the old chinese novels and stories, myths about kung fu, they have fighters who have the ability to fly and have long distances strikes and stuff like that, but the whole wire works thing did start til the mid seventies, right around when bruce lee pass away, they needed something to excite the crowd and that's what they used.

Maybe I'll specifically ask about wire fu.


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basically the late 60's and all throughout the 70's. Hollywood didn't start to use wire work except in the late 70's superman movies. The chinese and japanese predated this special effects device by almost two decades.