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Favorite Woman Super Hero

I totally loved the character of Sheba Shayne in this movie. She's everything I'd like to aspire to. Sheba is the template that all tough movie women should copy. So many movies tried to duplicate her, but only Pam Grier's other roles like Coffy and Foxy Brown come close. The other Blaxpoitation tough chicks were pale imitations.

Smart, tough, sexy, nice clothes, cute boyfriend, a kick ass fighter, elagant and classy. Everything you'd want in a woman superhero.

No two persons ever watch the same movie.


I completely agree, and I would add that Sheba Shayne is totally real. Lots of female leads in action films are so over the top as to not be believable, but I completely believed Pam Grier's character. I only wish she had a better script and stronger co-stars to work with in this film.