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I remember watching this on TV

It was a good show, and I wish it were out on dvd.


Yeah, and the VHS (NO DVD release) is the flippin' TV cut!

You can tell any swearing is overdubbed (by the same actors) for TV!

Anyways, I thought it was funny how it was kind of a serious drama type movie, then all of a sudden it seemed like a 'shot-in-the-philipines' exploitation movie when the pirate types hijacked the boat.

Some cool underwater scenes, Yaphet Kotto was awesome as usual, but boring at times.

It was hard to watch the young Juanito character being threatened to put on the bikini and dance for the other men. The guy was very whiny, but I felt sorry for him.



EPIX cable network has the full uncut version and it's in pretty good shape. I watched it today.