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iOffer auction website claims to have at least one copy

It's truly amazing that this little movie, made on a small budget a long long time ago, still evokes commentary from those of us who saw it when we were kids. I just looked at a review with creepy pictures of Doug McClure in the water waving at the rescue boat, and of Alejandro Rey screaming at Michael Conrad in the helicopter. A few years ago I was up late at night because I had trouble sleeping, and had the bright idea to look on YouTube to rewatch the last 10 minutes of the film - I thought it was just as creepy and just as frightening as I did the FIRST time I watched it.

Anyway - to the point. After reading several posts asking about DVDs, I looked around and found this website re-145831605.

Anyone who wants to check it out and gets a result they want to share, please post it here

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