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1.The woman playing Nora, peter's girlfriend, is a dreadful actress! In all of her scenes she can barely say her lines. 2. Apparently in small towns in New England, it's perfectly okay to walk up to a stranger's house, and sit on their front porch for awhile! (heck the lady caretaker even helps Peter break in and invites him into her bedroom! Wow! from the looks of that woman's figure-well-you'd have to wonder why peter was bothering romancing that woman Ann!) 3. Apparently a few sketchy tape recordings of a man shouting in his sleep during a nightmare, and then getting to know a strange woman and her daughter, would be more than enough solid evidence to convince all of mankind that reincarnation is very real, and that a new religion will be created because of it! (I doubt if Peter would have be to worried about becoming a world prophet or a world celebrity or on the cover of newsweek or time magazine or the washington post. heck, it would probably be a miracle if he could even get into the national enquirer!)4. A psychiatrist would be more than happy to publish his patient's personal, confidential case history for everybody to read about! 5. a tv studio is more than happy to allow any stranger to come walking in, and show the guy whatever piece of film he wants to see! 6. a highly, intelligent on-his- guard- man would normally allow himself to fall asleep in front of a mentally unstable woman, who would catch on right away thats he's her husband if he fell asleep, and then might plot to remurder him! (he goes to sleep right on the edge of a huge swimming pool??!!!! This guy didn't need his wife to murder him! In the book Peter goes to sleep during a concert, on a date with marcia.) 7.peter had incestious feelings for his own daughter. 8. and finally, the authorities in New England will have to be mentally handicapped if they don't at least pick marcia up for questioning, after men that get close to her, or move in with her for some strange reason always turn up dead!