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Pauline Kael was APPALLED by Rancho Deluxe

I must say, she wasn't far off the mark.



Kael also hated 2001 and The Graduate, and "distrusted" Hitchcock. I think she was often wrong, and very much so about this wonderful film.


From Pauline Kael's review: "...flip, absurdist modern-day Western.. . Rancho Deluxe is far from stupid, but it isn't very likable.. . Their sly asides are too kicky, too pleased, the self-conscious cleverness isn't as charming as it's meant to be. McGuane sets up some funny situations, but the film's deadpans distancing makes everything seem anticlimactic. Things brighten up whenever Harry Dean Stanton or Richard Bright or Slim Pickens is on the screen."

If you've read any of Pauline's other reviews, you'll realize that this is her idea of a rave.