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Arrow vs. Blue Underground

Which one has the better Blu-Ray?
And can you also tell me the best Blu-Ray of Cat O'Nine Tails?



I adore the Arrow packaging, but should I compromise video quality for a nice packaging?

Apparently, all the extras from the Arrow release can be played in America.


I just picked up the Blue Underground after reading a glowing review at Hi Def Digest. Well, they lied. The picture quality is appalling. The grain is so bad in some scenes (especially when Hemmings interviews the guy in the theater who had been sitting next to the psychic) - it looks like a snow storm. Reds are oversaturated to all hell and back. And despite what HDD says, objects are often NOT in sharp focus, there's still a lot of softness to the detail (the psychic's face and hair, the lamp on the table when the camera pans through the killer's belongings).

That said, I'm not a snob for technical aspects, but when I pay top dollar for blu ray, I expect blu ray quality from the picture. I'm sure this has something to do with the source material, but it was very disappointing and ruined the movie-watching experience.

"Worthington, we're being attacked by giant bats!"


Also, there's a yellow tint for most of the film, and when it switches to Italian-only scenes it disappears. The yellow tint shouldn't be there by the way, which begs the question - why didn't they use the Italian cut source for the entire film instead of splicing in scenes? I hope a 4k restoration is done in the near future, because the current HD master has too many problems.


The new 4K Arrow remastered bluray beats both the old Arrow and Blue Underground releases hands down.

Limited edition is sold out, but no doubt a standard edition will come out.


Are you referring to the Blu Ray release that came out this week, on the 2nd May 2016?

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