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6 people died so this guy could 'ski'

I don't know any philosophy, Japanese or otherwise, that justifies the huge waste of life just so this guy could ski - if you even want to call what he was doing skiing. Looked like he couldn't even get an edge into all that ice.

But if nothing else, that 15-year old got to experience the TV show, Bonanza, right?



People are willing to die for the things they love to do.

you have to understand back then Everest was a lot more dangerous then it is now. It is now commercialized and is extremely packed each climbing season.


Actually, they're not really willing to die since they never expect it to happen because they have such a foolish sense of indestructibility, and some pathetic "poetic" notion of man versus nature, conquering your demons or whatever other B.S. these folks dream up to "separate" themselves from the rest of us. And yet people STILL die fulfilling these first-world "dreams" of climbing something because of what it "means" to them and them alone. Deaths on Everest and other mountains will generally only make your country's news cycle if the climbers were from your country, but almost every year a new batch of fools from somewhere perishes on mountains, often leaving broken and distraught families back home because they have to put their own needs first. Thankfully, fewer sherpas die with (or for) them than in years past, but it still happens. I suppose as long as there are people incapable of finding fulfillment in their otherwise ordinary lives, new generations of Sherpas will have a steady income even if a few of them have to spend eternity frozen to the size of a mountain because of people like Miura.