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Music from Love Among the Ruins

Does anyone out there know the song that Oliver sang to Hepburn in this movie (You are the sun, you are the moon, but more, much more . . .). I thought perhaps it was Shubert, but cannot find it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



It's just a few words (by lyrcist Don Black) set to composer John Barry's wonderful theme for LOVE AMONG THE RUINS. Sorry I can't give you a title, because as of 2009 this gorgeous score has never been released on CD or LP. (Although Barry did include a three-minute arrangement of this theme on a 1975-or-so Polydor [British] LP titled PLAY IT AGAIN.)

But in the past 10 years we've seen many great, sometimes obscure soundtracks of the past get issued as limited-edition CDs, so I hold out hope for this one. (By the way, I showed LOVE AMONG THE RUINS on laserdisc last night to my wife of 18 months, and she fell asleep. Did I marry the wrong woman?)


I rewatched the movie two days ago and I also wanted to look for that song :). Indeed 'Sir Arthur' talks about the Shubert Serenade but it doesn't sound like it. So it must be what ScopeWatcher says, words to Barry's theme. According to a John Barry's web LOVE AMONG THE RUINS appears also in the cd "The very best of John Barry".

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