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Where is Reiko Ike in this film?

Reiko Ike, star of SEX AND FURY and FEMALE YAKUZA TALE, is in this film. I looked for her as I watched it but couldn't spot her. There are only a few female roles and all but one (Chieko, played by Yumi Takigawa) are small parts. The trailer shows a quick shot of Ike with identifying name but I didn't recall seeing that character in the film--and I had just watched the film. The IMDB cast list says she plays Teruko Imai, which would make her the wife or daughter of one of the main gang bosses. But I only recall one gang boss with a wife and I'm not sure if that was Imai or not and that actress was much older than Reiko Ike (who would have been 21 or younger at the time of filming) and didn't look like her at all.

If anyone reading this can answer this question it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


I never noticed her either. I don't have a copy of the film at hand, so I can't check, but Imai would be the character played by Tatsuo Umemiya. He's the guy in the grey suit and tie in the trailer around 1:50. You could try to find Ike by checking his scenes again if you have the DVD.

I checked some Japanese databases too, and yes, they also list Ike for this film.