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Interesting facts re Opening Sequence

The film opens with a view from Langwith Colliery Headstocks, overlooking Bathurst Terrace in Langwith near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK.

The lady in the background 'pegging out the washing' is actually my mother!
I was still a baby when filming began in 1974 and my older brother and sister were watching from the kitchen window (out of shot)

While looking for people to have as extras, people were darting back into their houses but my dad 'pushed' my mum out and said 'go on get out there and get in it!!'

The street seen is Bathurst Terrace and Kitchener Terrace which houses Pit Hill Industrial Estate, once home to the Colliery Canteen!

Our house was 3rd from the end of the junction of Kitchener Terrace and Bathurst Terrace.

The shots do not make geographical sense and we believe after turning the corner, the filming was done further up on Mary Street as the public house ( The Langwith 'Stoot?' ) can be seen.

My best friends uncle is seen walking up the street in his 'Pit outfit' yet we did not become friends or know each other for 16 years after the film!!

My mum met James Bowlam and Alan Bates who she recalls were lovely and friendly and gave her autographs.

My mum was asked to 'throw the washing over the line' which she said was ridiculous as no one pegged out washing like that but the director wanted the actions of it regardless and was given a black top to wear instead of her red one she was wearing previous. She was paid £4.50 for the part!! :D


Thanks for sharing that ! Im just watching this for the first time ever and was wondering where the streets were and
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I'll start again as something did not let me finish my reply ! Thanks for sharing that, Iam watching this for the first time ever and was wondering where it was filmed so I paused it to have a quick look on this site and and found out straight away ! I will have a look and see if much has changed on google maps at some point ! Alan Bates was fantastic !

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I am the older brother and I have to give kudos to my little bro for his excellent and more importantly, accurate, write-up about this film. Although I must say that is likely I may got in the shot but even more likely that it was cut from the release of the film...LOL... well done bro!

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