See this film.

I discovered this gem last May during IFC'S Z channel weekend. Originally checking it out due one of my favorites Klaus Kinski's involvement I came away a fan of both Romy Schneider and director Andrzei Zulawski. Schneider's performance was worthy of the acclaim she received, playing an emotionally shattered actress at odds with her professional life and overbearing feelings of regret in her personal life. It's a film which every serious cinema lover should view and appreciate for its subtle beauty and raw passion. It has the intensity of a Cassavettes film, and the raw look and feel of a Fassbinder masterpiece. I hope the film gets a DVD release in the near future so that the world can experience the beauty, passion and sheer talent of its late leading lady in her best performance.


I am dying to see this movie. During that IFC Z weekend, I taped the actual documentary and learned through the Z movie about all the movies they played that weekend. However I didn't know about them when they aired, so I am out of luck on a couple of them, this being one of them. Overlord is the other, I think all the rest on Z weekend are available on dvd.

Anyways this movie looks absolutely fascinating. Klaus Kinski is awesome and Fabio Testi is a very cool actor. Maybe if we emailed the Criterion Collection suggesting this it might do something. They are open to suggestions from fans. It couldn't hurt.

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