Perhaps its way too French for me to grasp but I want to make sure I have the situation correct. The protagonist loves a married woman whose husband tries to give her to him physically because he cant give her what she wants and he refuses because he doesnt want her JUST for sex and goes to the former husband of a woman he had an affair with in order to get advice about how to deal with the situation between him, this woman he wont have sex with and her husband. The former husband suggests she take a role in a local Shakespeare production full of eccentric characters but destined for failure and then drinks himself to death because he has become a despondent alcoholic but considers the protagonist who stole his wife one of his few friends. The womans husband kills himself because he feels inadequate for his wife and knows its the only way he can facilitate the protagonist being with his wife and thereby giving her what he thinks she deserves which he cant do in life and which the protagonist doesnt want him to do despite wanting his wife. Do I have that right? Are the French always this complicated in their relationships?