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awful movie and a terrible exploitation of Bruce Lee's legend

this movie is so ridiculous i think Weird Al's version of Enter the Dragon would have more convincing fight scenes :)
the plot doesnt make any sense whatsoever! :D
pleassse dont make the same mistake i did and dont pay for this movie because you thought it has anything to do with Bruce Lee - it doesn't!!

The whole point of the doomsday machine is lost
if you keep it a secret! Why didnt you tell the world, eh?


The intro credit Music was funky!!

what Wweird Al's mock of Enter Dragon are u talking about???

i know of the Kentucky fried movie version!

Bullshyt MR han-man!!


Yeah, this movie was pretty bad. I saw it back in the early 80's There was a theater in Boston, MA that showed nothing but old Martial Arts flicks every week. They would get new movies in every couple of weeks and have double and triple features for like $2.75 - $4.00. I saw this movie and some other Bruce Li movie that was just as bad.

Even though Bruce Lee is in the title, he's no where in this film.