Dvd release

Anybody know if it's likely to happen.There is a public domain dvd release available, but the quality's crap.


finally, yes

retitled for american market


and this could be it also




You can buy it on region 1 here (bundled with three other films)



finally arrived today, transfer is pretty terrible but it kinda adds to it.

disappointingly the original opening (with the wailing violin music and the red curtains) is gone, replaced by a very cheap looking title sequence.

i also remember seeing something like a dictionary definition of the word "ghoul" appear on the screen at the start, this is also missing.

that aside, it seems to be the same film i saw years ago


I was lucky enough to interview director Freddie Francis a few years back.
You can read it here:



Any word of a decent dvd release?


I've been "making do" for years with a recording from UK TV (BBC2, probably) which I burned to DVD - and a VHS recording, also from television, before that. Would love a "proper" copy - especially if it had a few decent bonus features, like an audio commentary with Kim Newman or Mark Gatiss, maybe even a few remembrances from John Hurt. (Director Freddie Francis died in 2007, sadly)

It seems wrong somehow (!) that I've been able to add a lovingly-restored, pristine HD Blu-ray release of "The Blood Beast Terror" to my collection while this film seems to have been completely forgotten by distributors. I mean, even speaking as a fan of dodgy old 1970s British horror films, "The Blood Beast Terror" is a tough one to like! But "The Ghoul" has a lot of pleasures to offer, albeit mostly guilty ones.

I know "The Ghoul" doesn't have a great reputation, but it's one of those films I've always had a soft spot for due, no doubt, to seeing it at a formative age on late-night TV. Those films stay with you forever, and become part of your DNA. For me, it was one of that select bunch of films, alongside the likes of Blood on Satan's Claw, Theatre of Blood, Horror Express, Psychomania, Tower of Evil, etc.

In fact, for many years (pre-internet) I had no idea what the film was called and was desperate to put a name to it, because I hadn't seen it repeated and yet could clearly remember so many images from it: the 1920s setting, the road-race, the old country house surrounded by marshes, the English aristocrat who'd brought a bit of the Indian Raj back home with him - and, most of all, the unique-looking ceremonial dagger, and that scene in which Ian McCulloch is on the receiving end of it, in memorably gory fashion.

Well, here's hoping some cult-film label picks it up for a Blu-ray release soon.


I'd also love to see this released on DVD.The only copies I can find are Vhs copies and they're really pricey.

Like you I saw it when I was growing up and its stayed with me.

I wonder why it was never released?

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