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Underrated sequels podcast: French Connection II

The really rather good French Connection II made our list of "Underrated Sequels" in the latest edition of SquabbleCast:

Do you agree? And what other films would make your own underrated list?
- Dave.

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thx for the link dave!

and yes i prefer the sequel to the original

in the sequel popeye being forced as a junkie gives him greater motivation to catch chaunier

small slight problem : your link brings us to a discussion on steven seagal movies/sequels LOL

where is the french connection 2 discussion??


Um, nope, the link is correct, there just happens to be a video embed below it. Cheers for the response though.


wrong there is nothing on french connection II

i have checked your postings and u have submitted the same link for a range of sequel movies so...

u are talking thru ur ar s ho le!!! LOL


Wow, you must have checked thoroughly and seen the Soundcloud embed on the page... which is the podcast. Guessing you don't know what they are. Maybe linking you to it directly will clear it up for you, since you need it? You see, you click play at this link. A podcast. It's like radio on the Internet, old dear:

I also made it clear in my first post that it's a discussion about underrated sequels in general INCLUDING French Connection II. Anyone with half a brain would kinda realise that especially with a description at my first link. How thick are you?


cheers kid!

was desperate to hear about french connection 2