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When Popeye called out to Charnier at the end...

Should have went like this...

"Charnier! You ever pick your feet in Poughkipsee?" BANG! CUE CREDITS.


With as much as Doyle had ran during the last part of the movie trying to chase Charnier down I was surprised he even had enough breath to yell out Charnier's name, much less some sort of witticism.


I think of Popeye had said that, it would be too risky cause it would give Charnier a chance to duck out of the way possibly. Popeye should have just shot him without saying anything, cause then it is less risky, as Charnier would not see it coming and would not have a possible change to move.

Then after Charnier is shot, he looks around and then sees that it was Popeye...



As it stands, the ending is close to perfect. To be honest, I think the weakest part of FCII is when Popeye tries to get the translator to ask the suspect his go-to "rattle the interviewee" question. It feels like it's shoehorned into the sequel as fan service, a ham-fisted callback to the previous film.

If he'd asked, "You ever pick your feet on Rue St. Vincent?" it would've been an improvement, because it would've made Doyle seem less oblivious.