New UK dvd censor cut :(

8mins of censor cuts :D bit of a pointless release considering the Synapse US region 1 dvd is uncut, readily available on Amazon to import and of course far far cheaper!

Multi-region dvd players are cheap as chips on Amazon too. So there's really no need to put up with expensive, inferior product any more ;-)


And the sequel has just received BBFC censor cuts. What bad luck lol.


I got the region 2 AWE release from Denmark I believe! All I do know is that it's uncut and is from Another World Entertainment.

Not too surprising the film got cut to pieces in the UK, especially since the BBFC are very strict on rape scenes that might encourage it. Obviously in Fantasm, the whole scene where the guy drags and ties the woman to the boxing ring and being a fantasy, it was easy to see before they even submitted it, that they would chop it out. I think they also cut some incest references or something.

I'm going to invent a new topping for pizza. Wish me luck.