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One of those films that made the cliché: '70s French Sex Comedy

First of all the soundtrack: it is like the music one might hear while eating dry salmon at a harbor restaurant with a view of a dirty boat slip. Or the music one might hear while waiting in line for your room reservation in the lobby of the Spokane Holiday Inn. Or the music one might hear while watching "America's Funniest Home Videos." I say these things in an honest effort to characterize it. It reaches out to the brain cell that recognizes "comedic music" in the hope that the listener will have only that one brain cell with which to judge the film. It almost sounds like something pasted on, something found on a collection of corporate video soundtracks--the selection titled "Hilarious Hi-Jinx."

The film's attitude: infidelity is whimsical, with very few consequences; tongue-kissing your lover in front of the children is a sign of personal liberation; jealousy and violence are comic and boorish, only for failures and cuckolds; suicidal people would only slit their wrists if they could stand the sight of blood.