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I remember hearing about this movie when it first came out, but never had the chance to see it..........Now I LOVE foreign movies (films!) my opinion on this one is not because I don't...TCM had it on the other day so I finally got to see it......

Holy cow what a waste of my time!!!!! this thing's only 1 hr. and 35 mins., but I felt like it was four hours long!!!!!!! I kept wondering when it would end....kept glancing at the time, and bringing up the banner indicating how much time had elapsed so just went on and on and on......after a awhile, I did not give a DAMN about these people; actually, I had to literally force myself to just quit and delete it from the DVR, but I gritted my teeth and soldiered on, to the BITTER END....

What the appeal of this movie is, is beyond me.........

So would anyone care to enlighten me??????


It's for people who aren't waiting for something to happen. Who have patience. Who understand that film is what it is, not what we may want it to be.
Maybe take a look in another few years.


I really love your reply, Cinesimon.
Simple but true.


Happened across this on TCM. Enjoyed watching the inspiration for the US version (Cousins). Very sweet. One of the most genuine love stories I've seen on film.


I will start by saying I only caught parts of the movie on TCM. That said, here we go.

First of all, keep in mind the time period of the movie.
When the original BARBARELLA, (not BARBARELLA, QUEEN OF THE GALAXY), was made, it was rated "X". There were obvious cases of casual sex, drugs, and lots of other things going on, but not a particular topic that COUSIN COUSINE touched on; the two were distant(?) cousins, which some **frown on** as incest, or bordering on incest. (Consider the recurring controversy with Woody Allen, who married his wife's adopted daughter... not blood related, but...) It was also an affair between two married people, which BARBARELLA did NOT have.
Now, the more current release is BARBARELLA, QUEEN OF THE GALAXY which is rated "PG". Folks accustomed to that level of PG would/will be scratching their head about this COUSIN COUSINE.

I will guess that the Original Poster is American, and also comfortable with movies loaded with violence, explosions, gunfire, stabbings, beatings, and other assorted violence. European movies have largely left violence out of their movies, leaving the impression of a slow paced movie.
I have viewed a lot of non-American/Hollywood movies over several decades, as well as the typical Hollywood movies featuring sex, violence, nudity, and the Hollywood Ending (pleasant resolution).

What I have seen of this movie seems to be a "slice of life" sort of movie, which is typically not made by Hollywood because it isn't very popular...


It's meandering, with way too much filler and lack of focus. It takes over an hour to develop past the basic "cousin" angle. "Slice of life" isn't fun if you can't connect to the characters or setting and you don't have faith in the story going somewhere, anywhere.


Haven't seen "Cousin Cousine" but got online to read a little bit about it and decide whether I want to watch it or not.

mikeflw1, "Barbarella" was NOT rated X when it was released. The film came out before the rating system was even introduced, and like many others films being released at that time ("Bonnie and Clyde," "Cool Hand Luke," etc.), it was "Suggested for Mature Audiences."

I know this for a fact because my friend and I went to see it at a shopping mall at the young age of 11 or 12, thinking we were going to see a comedy sci-fi film. Instead, we were treated to Jane Fonda stripping during the opening titles, and were amazed to see her breasts completely exposed.

This was one of my best childhood memories, and I had a crush on Jane Fonda for years after that.