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Saw this movie for the first time in 30 years!

Just thought I'd share...

This was the first movie I ever recall seeing in a theater. It had to be about 30 years ago and I never forgot it after all these years. I was young when I saw it and didn't remember the who, what, whys and reasonings behind the film, but a few things always came to mind over all these years when I thought of Charles Bronson and Breakout:
*Some big guy hanging off a helicopter and the helicopter turning towards gunfire, which killed the guy.
*The airplane propeller scene (woo hoo). (Although my little pea brain remembered someone being HELD in front of a propeller blade... go figure...)
*I remember someone in the movie saying *beep* and it being said in such a drawn out way that we found it hilarious and went around mimiking it for a long time.

I found this at Big Lots (Pic N Save) in the $3 buck bargain bin. It was great to look at this movie again last night as an adult and put all the missing pieces together.


I like this move quite well and have a VHS of it somewhere. What I remember the most is how painfully ugly Randy Quaid looked in drag and how pretty Sheree North and Jill Ireland were. I always thought Charles Bronson was incredibly handsome, and I still like the look of cut off t-shirt sleeves.

The propeller blade tearing up that guy on the runway is also memorable because it was so obvious, even back then, that it was a dummy of sorts.

Why ain't you at the garden party you heathen?


I like it a lot as well!