found it on a DVD

If you are ooking for it and don't mind a straight copy from some sort of damaged copy then look for Loose Screws with Boob Tube as a two for one Disc.

they even have old commercials and cartoons to kind of give you that old fashioned TV and theatre style.

NOw about the movie...

I was too young to really get a feel for the 70's. Plus, I was in a teeny Texas town that was cut off from the real world so any movie or TV show was what people believed the rest of the world was like.

The sets and dialogue were very dead on to what the 70's style was, plus the dialogue was so much trying to be funny with every type of pun and innuendo. The story was set like many of the old soap operas which were popular.

If anything it's a great way to look back at the past and say, "Man I'm glad the 80's happened."

"I'm not an idiot man...I watch T.V."

stay warm