Not worth watching

Terrible, even for the 70's. An actor/actress is still visibly breathing, when they're supposed to be dead. Bad writing and acting, altogether. The only thing good about this movie is how attractive the leading man is, but he's a jerk.


Completely disagree.

The is a fine example of a mid-70s Italian thriller. It's suspenseful, unpredictable and extremely stylish.

The script is nothing special, the acting is, for the most part, only passable (although I thought Antoine Saint-John actually gave a very solid, creepy performance), and the special effects are pretty basic, but to focus on these things alone is to miss the point. It's a cool and entertaining film.


He left a note. He left a simple little note that said, "I've gone out the window."


Lately I am watching a lot of Giallos I had not seen before and this is on the bottom of the scale for me (and I am pretty forgivable)

I loved the setup and the photography is good, nice music, but the time it takes to play out with nothing going on really kills this for me. In the end it should have been an hour tv show.

Wish I could have said more in favor of it.


One of my main dislikes of this film is not the soundtrack during the suspenseful moments, which I liked, but the ridiculous music that played when people were riding around in cars. One particularly bad example was when Luca picked up the blonde who had car trouble.