Alan as Alfie

I think Alan fills the role of Alfie very well, Michael Caine was incredible in the original, there's nothing better than a nice dry British wit to stir things up, but Alan has a different kind of humor, and it's refreshing in much of the same ways as Caine. I think Alan has a very nice sexual appeal that he knows how to use, he has wonderful timing and humor, and also was awarded an award called something like "Best New British Actor" - pretty good for just an organ player;) hehheeh I love Alan's acting and his music - O' Lucky Man is also a very good British movie he's involved :) Although the movie isnt as quality persay(spelling?), it is an entertaining movie, and I think Alan does a great job filling Michael's shoes :)
God bless!


first print

Alfie (1966)
Directed by
Lewis Gilbert

Writing credits
Bill Naughton (play)
Bill Naughton

Tagline: What's it all about... Alfie. (more)

Plot Summary: Alfie is the ultimate Ladykiller. He is wonderfully successful with women. He also rarely gets emotionally involved with them... (more) (view trailer)

Complete credited cast:
Michael Caine .... Alfie
Shelley Winters .... Ruby
Millicent Martin .... Siddie
Julia Foster .... Gilda
Jane Asher .... Annie
Shirley Anne Field .... Carla
Vivien Merchant .... Lily
Eleanor Bron .... The Doctor
Denholm Elliott .... The Abortionist
Alfie Bass .... Harry Clamacraft
Graham Stark .... Humphrey
Murray Melvin .... Nat
Sydney Tafler .... Frank

Runtime: 114 min
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: Australia:M / Finland:K-16 / Singapore:PG / Sweden:15 / UK:15 / USA:Approved (1966) / West Germany:16

second print That nobody seems to remember, accept RainbowDropp. Hey RainbowDropp, they remade it again.

Alfie Darling (1975)
Directed by
Ken Hughes

Writing credits
Ken Hughes
Bill Naughton (novel)

Plot Summary: Alfie returns, though not as Michael Caine, but as Alan Price. Alfie is up to his old womanizing ways... (more)

Cast overview, first billed only:
Alan Price .... Alfie
Jill Townsend .... Abby
Paul Copley .... Bakey
Joan Collins .... Fay
Sheila White .... Norma
Annie Ross .... Claire
Hannah Gordon .... Dora
Roger Lumont .... Pierre
Rula Lenska .... Louise
Minah Bird .... Gloria
Derek Smith .... Harold
Vicki Michelle .... Bird
Brian Wilde .... Doctor
Robin Parkinson .... Parker
Rosalind Elliot .... Secretary

Also Known As:
Oh Alfie (1975)
Runtime: 102 min
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: Finland:K-16 / USA:R

third print

Alfie (2004)
Directed by
Charles Shyer

Writing credits (WGA)
Bill Naughton (play)
Bill Naughton (earlier screenplay)

Plot Outline: A cockney womanizer learns the hard way about the dangers of his actions. (view trailer)

User Comments: Another remake hits the screen... (more)

Credited cast:
Jude Law .... Alfie Elkins
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Graydon Carter
Julienne Davis .... Sascha
Omar Epps .... Marlon
Anastasia Griffith .... Chyna
Edward Hogg .... Pete
Ben Jackson .... Nikki's friend
Jane Krakowski .... Dorie
Dick Latessa .... Joe
Nia Long .... Lonette
Adoni Maropis .... Farooz
Sienna Miller .... Nikki
Claudette Mink .... Bitter Girl
Charlotte Moore .... New Year's Eve Singer
Marjan Neshat .... Lindy
Kevin Rahm .... Terry
Finlay Robertson .... Kev
Susan Sarandon .... Liz
Cosima Shaw
Tara Summers .... Carol
Renée Taylor
Marisa Tomei .... Julie
Gedde Watanabe .... Mr. Wing
Jo Yang .... Mrs. Wing
Dianne Zaremba

Also Known As:
Untitled Alfie Remake (2003) (USA) (working title)
Untitled Charles Shyer Project (2003) (USA) (working title)
MPAA: Rated R for sexual content, some language and drug use.
Runtime: USA:103 min
Country: UK / USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: DTS / Dolby Digital
Certification: UK:15 / USA:R

I saw Jude Law on the David Letterman show this week, and Mr.Law stated that the "film" was a remake of the (1966) Michael Caine film. He didn't allude to the fact that it was also remade during the mid 70's. I guess that if he had told Mr.Letterman that he was in a film that was remade again for the third time, it would seem kind of lame. Nobody would go I guess to see it, being as nobody remembers it from the 1970's.

It's kind of strange that in the 1960's, the credits would include- Denholm Elliott .... as"The Abortionist". Now it seems that it is all too
common, and not worth mentioning. The people of this age have already become desensitized to the act.. and have accepted it as a form of birth control.


He didn't allude to the fact that it was also remade during the mid 70's.

Alfie Darling is NOT a re-make of's a sequel.

in a film that was remade again for the third time

Re-made a "third" time?
Can you not count?
Even if we say that Alfie Darling is a re-make (which it is not). That would make Alfie (2004) the SECOND time it was re-made...not third.

Imagine there's no heaven.
It's easy if you try.

God is an imaginary friend for adults.


It's not even a sequel. He's a completely different Alfie -- a parallel universe Alfie, if you will. It's like comparing the different PUNISHER movies. None are sequels. Each is a reboot.