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Decent widescreen transfer anywhere anytime?

I just rented the new Trinity edition of Adios Amigos and it is a horrible transfer--pan and scan so severely cropped in that not only are the sides cut off, but people's heads often are as well! I think the film would look a lot less cheap if we weren't being show only this small center portion of the picture. Are there any good dvds of this film out there? I'd love to see a widescreen version, but even a good fullscreen transfer would be nice.

I also noticed this same "extreme zoom-in" cropping on the many dvds of Fred's directorial debut, "Mean Johnny Barrows" as well (included in almost all the multi-movie public domain dvd budget packs of Blaxploitation flicks like Mean Mothers and Bad Brothers, etc).

While Williamson was certainly no great filmmaking artiste, I do think that decent dvds with the proper aspect ratio would increase the enjoyment factor of his Po' Boy Productions 100%.
Maybe Anchor Bay or some other small dvd company will put out a collection of FW's better self-produced flicks. Or perhaps someone out there knows of something available that I don't?


Nine years later and this egregious copy is still floating around. It's atrocious. In the first five minutes there's an action scene. I had no idea what was going on. Somebody recites a line. You can only see the left arm and left leg of the character speaking. Fifteen minutes in I shut it off. I love Fred Williamson in pretty much anything but this transfer is unwatchable.