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The TV Movie That Started It

As a kid, I watched this series in the 1970s, and I watched re-runs in the 1980s. Despite being a short lived series, "Swiss" got several re-runs in Australia.

A few months ago I saw the opening TV movie on YouTube (before it was taken down for legal reasons) and the memories came flooding back.

The TV movie has not stood the test of time too well. But it sounded good at the start and finish.

The Richard LaSalle music score and the Martin Milner narration is what stands out today.

I am aware of LaSalle's history of pinching music from composers like Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann, but you have to hand it to the guy, he sure knew how to bring life to dull he does in The Swiss Family Robinson.

As for Milner, he concludes the movie with " a sense we were all one family, The Swiss Family Robinson". Despite saying that line in an American sounded so good.


Interesting observations about SFR, StuOz. I agree that LaSalle's background music (most of it recycled from "Land of the Giants episodes) helped this series a lot since many stories were dull and tedious. The series didn't pack a punch like Irwin's previous SF shows.

One of the problems I have with SFR, besides the uninspired writing, was the casting of Martin Milner. As you pointed out, he sounds too American. I agree, because he comes across like the 20th century cop he played in "Adam 12", his earlier series. A better actor for the father would have been someone like Richard Chamberlain or even John Crawford...actors with a background in traditional theatre and playing 'period characters'.