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What was Kate Mulgrew's character (Mary Ryan Fenelli) like?

Mary Ryan Fenelli - - - - who was she? What were her hopes and dreams and fears? her shoe size....her residence, occupation etc. You know, the usual : )

Just curious.

And how long did Mulgrew play her?



Hi Cookie. Kate played Mary Fenelli for three years from 1975 thru 1978. I think others could better define the character of Mary more than I could and so I wouldn't even try. But I will say she was strong-willed.


She was very popular, but Im in the minority when I say her holier then thou character annoyed me very much.


Mary was very pious just like her mother Maeve. Very opinionated, tenanous (sp?) and yes strong willed. She fell in love with reporter Jack Fenelli, who ws old enough to be her father. She adored her oldler brother Frank, in her eyes, he could do no wrong (trust me, he was no saint).

She and Jack eventually marry and have a daughter named Ryan. It was her strong willed personality that eventually got her killed from thugs who worked for the mob!


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