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Nostalgic? Well sort of.

I have read the few comments on the threads but little said about the comedic value of the series.

I have no idea that National Service threw up a stereotypical bullying cowardly type who would find themselves in charge of so many young men. And thinking about some organisations which are being exposed for other types of cruel and unusual treatments meted out to their charges. For my pains though I was BOY SOLDIER from 1964 starting my army life out at a place called CHEPSTOW. Our drill teachers/instructors seemed to have been chosen precisely to be a sort of parental guide and I head nothing bad of them. Any 'dangers' would come from as in most of life from ones older or stronger or indeed street wiser or just plain evil.

While I viewed and saw that situations occurred in the exaggerated way as is the norm in comedy this did not play out as other series did. I have to assume that the in other military situation comedy series many of the actors would be experienced and of course other series where an ex military man might play the part of a stereotypical ex senior NCO.

Most of the situations seemed quite forced and even the experienced Marsh while making many scripted verbal faux pas also did fluff the odd line not redone back then.

Of note was a dearth of ribbons on what should have been seasoned warriors of all RAF areas. Each one should have been wearing the two general issued medals. We are of course told near the end that Marsh joined in 1946. His rise to corporal was fast for such an idiot when you consider what would have been available to choose from.

To illustrate. My father spent the last third of the war at at sea and came out in 1946 having seen his destroyer go back to Norfolk [USA]. It was a a lend lease ship. He did not achieve much status wise and civvy life for probably financial reasons caused him to join the Army. His choice at the beginning was the Essex Regiment. The year 1951. Hi two NCOs are described as fairly mean. A corporal and Sergeant. Six years post was and both instructors had no active service. Well that was his story. If so doubt it went down well that a recruit had four + a campaign bar to wear.

Another ting f note is toward the end of the series we meet a surgeon who had desired to be a warrior. Legs not long enough. Douglas Bader come to mind and he seems to have been [legless] for a great deal of his service. Sorry Douglas. I could not help but notice [Ruark] his whole demeanor movements and speech pattern smacked of Mr Mackay [porridge]. I cannot rate this as high as some feel with stories like the Army Game as my earliest memory of British military sit com [I am 68]. MY time with Bilko, Dads Army, Hogan Heroes, and the wonderful It aint Half Hot Mum. While other series were around such as MASH Get Some In is a very poor egample.

I have not seen all military series I was actually being military where home grown tele would take some time to appear. But have seen some F Troop, Black-adder 4 of course. My memory of McHales navy may be clouded by the movie that was made. Allo Allo may be classed as a sort of military series and deserves a high place in the hall of comedy but was really a poke at everything. I just do not know how this has managed to travel considering the whole Officer Crabtree dialogue.

Did not even find Robert Lindsay to be an up coming star. Mind you the critics of MY Family which only had such a SHORT RUN were numerous but I like that. The real surprise of the cast might be the CV of Leckie Brian Pettifer. I think Marsh would have been pushed off a cliff. To get shot in the back would mean leading a charge. Sorry to all you RAF and RIFF RAF.

Do the RIF RAF Lie for days in waterlogged ditches etc????

Malta though for a national serviceman. Really?????