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Watch this with low expectations and an open mind

This pilot gets repeatedly trashed, but there are still some aspects that are better than the Lynda Carter show:
- Kas Garas made a better Steve Trevor than Lyle Waggoner (who nearly played Batman on the 60s show)
- Cool 70s theme and intro montage, and espionage-like incidental music
- Good chemistry between Diana and Steve
- Fun spy plot and threats/traps: creepy mud in WW's colors, poisonous snake, etc. Abner Smith was always two steps ahead of Steve Trevor, but Diana kept catching up to him
- The cliffhagers before each commercial
- Renegade Amazon (Anjhayla) established as a future villainess

I agree Lynda Carter was a perfect 10, but the athletic Cathy Lee was a 9 and still pretty easy on the eyes. I wish they had made a couple more movies with her as this had potential if they could have gotten it right.


It's okay; but not spectacular. Linda carter had much more charisma and personality, which Crosby is really lacking. Montalban was fine as the villain.

Part of the problem here is that it feels like they rewrote the script at the last minute. About the time they were developing this, Wonder Woman had no super powers and was just Diana Prince. She was a sort of Emma Peel. That experiment came to an end and she was back in costume. The espionage elements seem to reflect the Diana Prince, Wonder Woman stories (as the book was titled); then, in the third act, she gets the costume. It's like they went with the costume at the last minute. It feels that way, anyway.

The costume doesn't help it much, looking like a cross between a track suit and a cheerleader. It's not horrible; but, it doesn't exactly "pop." It is a bit more practical than the comic costume and Lynda Carter's outfit, though you wonder (no pun intended) why they didn't just go with pants, since they put her in blue tights. It didn't show off her legs, so why bother with a skirt?

Fortunately, Ah keep mah feathers numbered for just such an emergency!